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"Tired of Suffering?"

"Tired of Suffering?"

Are you struggling with a painful back or other body aches?

You are not alone.

Did you know that…chiropractors treat an estimated 35 million Americans annually?

Yes, that’s a lot of people!

People just like you, who are suffering with painful joints and other problems…

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My Approach

Dr. Robert A. Resnick is a respected figure in the Asheville chiropractic community, and he is well versed in Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Resnick says, “The body’s underlying structure has a great influence on its health and function.”

“Mechanical therapies such as chiropractic treatments, massage, and applied kinesiology can be used to address these issues.”

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My Approach
Affordable & Convenient

Affordable & Convenient

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"Don't Let Those Aches and Pains Stop You"

Imagine living a life virtually pain-free… but this means the first step to getting relief involves you making a decision on which Asheville chiropractor are you going to pick?


Imagine the Possibilities without the Pain.

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Appointments may be made for routine visits or new problems that you may be experiencing.

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Imagine the Possibilities without the Pain.

Robert A. Resnick, DC

Chiropractor, Asheville NC

The Resnick Chiropractic Difference

Dr. Robert A. Resnick has been a practicing chiropractor for over forty years, having graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1977. Dr. Resnick is a respected figure in the Asheville chiropractic community, and he is well versed in Applied Kinesiology. He utilizes adjustments, manipulation and therapeutic exercise. He offers affordable chiropractic care and applied kinesiology treatments. He cooperates with all doctors, specialists and other members of the medical and healing community.

Dr. Resnick is accepting patients at his chiropractic office. He is available for free consultations, preventative care, as well as ongoing chiropractic care. Click here to schedule no-charge consultation.

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